31 March 2014

Final session this week

Well done!  We have made it!

This Wednesday night will be the final of the 2013/2014 Nelson Women's Activator Series.  Thank you for making it so much fun.

This week we will meet at the first carpark on the left as you enter the Maitai Valley (just before the grassy area of Branford Park - the same place we met for the mountainbiking sessions).  We will put our road cycling skills to good use as we go for a ride up the Maitai Valley.  For those doing the MMP Nelson Women's Triathlon this Sunday, we will point out where parts of the course go, and how the transition works.  6.30pm.  Bring warm and bright clothing.

I have attached a feedback form for the series.  Please do take the time to fill it out and either return to me or pop in the post to the address supplied on the bottom.  I cannot emphasise enough the need to get positive along with constructive feedback to ensure we can look to continue the series in the future.  I'm also keen to see what interest there would be for a 'partners' series, ie with your significant other, or a good friend as opposed to just women only, so please let me know your thoughts on this.  If you need a paper copy, let me know and I can bring some along on Wednesday night.

See you Wednesday,

In the meantime, as always, keep active and enjoying yourself out there,

18 March 2014

Road Cycling this week

I trust last week either boxing or yoga was fun!

This week we begin our road cycling segment.  We will be stationed at the Trafalgar Park Cycle Track, so if you are arriving by car, park in the carpark that we used for the nutrition session earlier on in the series and enter Trafalgar Park by the same gates (carpark off Trafalgar St, enter it either by Trailways or from the access road by Trafalgar Park itself).

We will have Cycling Nelson club members that will take the session, led by Village Cycles guru Jim Matthews and track coach Jason Craig.  They will go over basic riding technique and how to ride confidently with others around you.  A lot of fun!  No need to have a fancy road bike, as long as it has two wheels and goes forwards, mountainbikes etc are absolutely fine.  Remember to bring your helmet too!

See you there, 6.30pm on Wednesday night.

12 March 2014

Yoga and Boxing tonight

As per email for 'pre booking ' into one of these sessions. I have now emailed a bit more info to those doing each session. If you didn't reply then please head along to Yoga at 6.30pm at the Trafalgar Pavillion, the same place we had our first session and also the session with Annette on Nutrition. If you have a yoga mat and blanket then please bring this along with you, no probs if you don't have though.

I am away at a block course tonight, so Greg will be at the Yoga session and Averil will be at the boxing session with the register.

Have fun!

03 March 2014

Free Seminar on tomorrow (Tuesday) night

Strength this week

Well done on some great sea swimming on Wednesday!  I was most impressed, especially as there was a bit of chop out there.

The link to the Nelson Tri Club's Sea Swim series is:
And the Nelson Tri Club is: http://www.nelsontriclub.co.nz/

This week we head to Evolve Gym in Stoke for our session with Aimee Hayes of the 'Power Angels'.  A note from Aimee below:

Welcome to Evolve Gym.
In your one hour session we will introduce you to the base movements around power lifting, strength resistance and general gym exercise.
You will need to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for full range movements, you will also need water.
This will be an active session for you and we endeavour to ignite your interest in strength training for your health and well being.
The gym is in stoke, 4a Fuji court which is off echo dale place off Nayland Road.
Any questions please ask
Regards Aimee 027 33 77 017

See you Wednesday,

19 February 2014

Tonight's swim session

This Wednesday night is our second pool swimming session, again at Nayland Park Pool.  Same as per last week. 6.00pm or 6.30pm start.

For those in Group 1, Nige has said he is able to get there just after 6.00pm this week, so if you can come earlier (last week your start time was 6.30pm), then feel free to, and you can gain some extra time with him in the pool before 'official' start of 6.30pm.
If you have goggles, kickboard and a swim cap, please bring along with you as these may be helpful (there will be some spare boards at the pool).

Remember, you are able to adjust your group on the night if you feel the group is not quite right for you. 
See you Wednesday, if you have any queries, just flick me an email, text, or ring my mobile.

12 February 2014

Tonight's Swim Session

Dear Active Woman,

Tonight we begin the first of two sessions of Swimming, at Nayland Park Pool.  The groupings for tonight have been emailed to you.  Please note there is only one Group 1, as Nige (instructor) can only make that time, not the earlier 6pm time.
If you have goggles, kickboard and a swim cap, please bring along with you as these may be helpful (there will be spare boards at the pool also).
Remember, you are able to adjust your group on the night if you feel the group is not quite right for you.  These have been based on swimming overarm. 
If you have not received an email from me, please get in touch.

See you tonight!!